Hazardous waste management innovation

Capsa Solutions deliver innovative waste management solutions for the disposal, safe transport and long term storage of hazardous waste.


Capsa Solutions was born out of an industry challenge set by Sellafield Ltd to develop waste containers that are safer, faster and cheaper.  Capsa solutions were able to bring together a unique combination of design and manufacturing experience to collaborate with Sellafield Ltd on a Research and Development project to develop a new approach to waste container design.

Our cross sector experience enables us to select the most appropriate design and manufacturing techniques, allowing us to optimise our solutions to meet the demanding requirements of our clients.  This gives us the ability to develop waste containers that are not only cost effective but also challenge industry norms.

An innovative intermediate level waste container that has been developed to meet the challenges of broad front nuclear decommissioning with emphasis on safety, simplicity and cost efficiency.

The design has been developed considering the entire lifecycle of a container from manufacture, filling and use through to final disposal, optimising it for each stage. The design is simple to manufacture and can be readily adapted to suit specific client requirements whilst maximising storage efficiency. The design enables remote operation and handling during decommissioning with features that enhance containment, reduce opportunities for contamination and provide a simple and reliable closure system that is easy to operate remotely.

CASPAV1219 can be manufactured to suit specific client requirements and maximise storage efficiency.

Designed and built for:

  • Safety
  • Remote operation and handling
  • Ease of use
  • Scalable design
  • Optimised for cost effective manufacture

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