About us

Capsa Solutions was born out of a desire to bring a fresh approach to the design and manufacture of nuclear waste containers. We felt it was time industry norms were challenged, and recognised there was an opportunity for innovation within the decommissioning market.

Capsa Solutions addresses decommissioning challenges with its innovative, ‘whole lifecycle’ approach to waste management.

Our team of highly experienced specialists, including design and welding engineers, offer extensive cross sector expertise. This enables us to select the most appropriate design and manufacturing techniques, allowing us to optimise our solutions to best meet the demanding requirements of our clients.

“Capsa solutions were able to bring together a unique combination of design and manufacturing experience to collaborate with Sellafield Ltd.”

With this in mind, we have been working with Sellafield Ltd to develop waste containers that are safer, quicker to build and more cost effective. We have gone beyond just looking at lowering the cost of manufacture; design features and capabilities have been integrated into all aspects of design, yielding savings in all parts of the container’s lifecycle. Purposeful and scalable design features which allow the containers to be shipped quicker and easier, stored and filled more efficiently, all contribute to a never-seen-before design which maximises efficiency thus reducing overall decommissioning costs.

So whether you need help with design consultancy, manufacture, regulatory compliance or a complete package of waste management services, Capsa Solutions has the skills and expertise to deliver.



Our design engineers are highly experienced in delivering engineering design and analysis services for the nuclear industry. We offer a range of services from concept feasibility analysis through to detailed manufacturing drawings and design calculations.

Couple our design skills with our analytical capability and we can reduce not only the overall risk to you, the client, but also the design time required. We can provide independent assessments of existing technologies, ranging from individual parts through to complete systems.

We apply our depth of experience to achieve groundbreaking solutions whilst maintaining attention to detail and an extremely high level of quality of delivery.


Our team of expert welding engineers have a background in fabricating a wide spread of components for a variety of regulated industries, including nuclear, defence, oil & gas and petrochemical.

We have the capability to use many different types of welding depending on the project requirement, including: hot & cold wire pulsed GTAW, GMAW, twin wire, SMAW, submerged arc, plasma transfer arc (PTA) and 30mm & 60mm electroslag strip cladding. We also have robotic welding capabilities.

Key fabrication and welding activities are supported by in-house heat treatment, rolling, press brake, NC plasma profiling, NDT, PMI and bead blast facilities.

We have experience of working to the requirements of ASME U and U2 and offer on-site fabrication – supplying our skilled welders to clients’ sites to address welding requirements in situ.

As well as our manufacturing service, we can provide clients with invaluable welding and materials technology technical support; offering them both the benefit of design for manufacture support and a comprehensive review of all project related and international specifications.

Working in harmony with the welding engineers are the procurement and quality teams – giving the client a range of procurement options – from a free issue service to a full supply package. With each, the client can be assured of a fully project managed project.

Our History

CAPSA Timeline

November 2017
Concept design starts

  • Collaborative design development of a new container with Sellafield Ltd.
June 2019
Prototype manufacture

  • First of a kind waste container made
October 2019
Industry launch

  • Capsa V1219 showcased at Integrated Waste Management conference
May 2021
Innovate UK
funding award

  • Design development for volume manufacture starts alongside regulatory approval
June 2022 to February 2023
Manufacturing trials and Prototype

  • Proving our volume manufacturing techniques
June 2023
Regulatory approval submission

  • Applying for UK regulatory approval of our innovative container